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      Magnatune: we are not evil
      We offer a unique music collection. Every month, 300 musicians send us their music. We choose the best 3% and give you plete access. You save time. Great artists get paid.
      Instantly build yourself an awesome collection of music in hard to find genres such as classical, world, jazz, new age.
      Unlimited downloads in your favorite formats
      Unlimited streaming from anywhere, forever, without mercials, with no monthly fees.
      Legally share our music with your friends and family.
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      New albums:
      1. Train to Midnight by Mogilalia: Surrealist, modern classical ambient with tranquil trascendence
      2. Immortal_ by Emma Wallace: Angst-free modern ragtime
      3. positions For Film Vol 1 by Daniel Halliday: Guitar-based soundtracks suitable for indie/arthouse/noir genres
      4. Bless this House by Castle Pines: Easy-to-listen-to pop rock with a fresh attitude
      5. Electric Forest by Monom: Ethnic house music, world music, electronic, chillout, latino, oriental, far-east, australia and europe
      6. Drops from the Sky by Mogilalia: Surrealist, modern classical ambient with tranquil trascendence
      7. Suites en do mineur et fa mineur de Sylvius Leopold Weiss by Mauricio Buraglia: A marvelous classical spiral of lute sounds
      8. Dizzy Street by Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes: Rolling roots folk pop from the band of australian singer-songwriter mark boulle
      9. A Little More Love by Cary Kanno: Uptempo, happy, banjo-driven acoustic folk pop
      10. The Red Ep by Liquid Rainbow: A melting pot of classic, pop and rock sounds with modern-dub influences
      Popular albums:
      1. The Nu-Jazz Experiments by Jake Bradford-Sharp: Experimental nu jazz that cannot be classified or categorized
      2. The Almanac by Shira Kammen: Early folk and celtic music.
      3. Sub-conscious by Chris Field: Music in the twenty-first century, a hybrid blend of classical and ambient music
      4. Apple Howling by Mundi: Early music meets global folk at the penguin café
      5. Distant Activity by Adam Fielding: Atmospheric dance music with cool vocals
      6. Himlens Polska by Erik Ask Upmark: Scandinavian music on the celtic harp
      7. Oasis by Ensemble Al Asdeka: Spicy and hypnotic melding of arabic and jazz
      8. Each of Us by Ya Elah: Women's vocal music based in the jewish tradition
      9. Star Of The Sea by Stellamara: Original balkan-near eastern-medieval-ambient-world.
      10. Chordae by Tim Rayborn: Medieval and middle eastern music